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Round 2 of Bankhall’s Professional Development Days commences on 24 April 2018.

At this round, we’ll be joined by experts from Architas, Just, Legal & General Investment Management, LV, Prudential and Standard Life. Plus, you’ll also hear a regulatory update from Bankhall, providing an in-depth look at the most significant changes on the horizon and what they mean for your firm.

Take a look at the agenda and discover the insights available at the upcoming round of these fully-accredited seminar-style events, and make sure you book your place at one of 13 venues across the UK, to earn up to 4.5 hours’ CPD.

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Make sure you don’t miss out. Click here to book your place at Round 2 of Bankhall’s Professional Development Days 2018, at a date and location that suits you, and earn up to 4.5 hours’ CPD.


​Session Time​Session Title​Session Details
​09:00Registration ​Exhibition and networking
​09:30 ​BankhallWelcome
​09:40 ​Architas

Market Review And Income Opportunities

Many asset classes had a tough start to 2018, although markets have recovered somewhat. Is there potential for further volatility? Global growth could be hit by US rate rises or even trade wars, interest rate risk might spill over into already expensive developed equity markets and elections are scheduled in key emerging economies.

Investors are worried about rising inflation and the potential knock-on impact on interest rates while unusually high correlation between bonds and equities presents challenges to traditional diversification strategies. We'll take a look at what this might mean to your clients and possible ways to generate sustainable income against this shifting backdrop.

​10:20 ​Just

Don’t Be Vulnerable With Your Vulnerable Clients!

New-found pensions flexibility places the consumer firmly in the driving seat with perhaps more control than before.

But the regulator has recognised that, whilst people have been given more control, many can be vulnerable. So should we be considering how often pension safety checks are performed and what’s involved?

In this session we explore some of these new risks, based on observed behaviour and how firms can ensure vulnerability is appropriately considered.

​11:00BreakExhibition and networking
​11:20 ​Legal & General Investment Management

Gaming The System To Improve Investment Decision-Making

Why do investors make irrational investment decisions and what are the conscious and subconscious influences that drive your investment choices? The decisions we make are based on what we think and feel. So when faced with crowd mentality, what should we do?

Our presentation will seek to explore the drivers of our investment behaviour, the danger of following the consensus of large crowds and offer ways in which we can structure ourselves to reach independent decision making and avoid the average.

​12:00 ​LV=

Let’s Get Down To Business… Protection

Many small businesses are not aware of the costs associated with the death or serious illness of an owner or a key person.

In this session LV= will challenge the fallacy of the mentality that, ‘If I die, the business dies’ by explaining the financial and legal responsibilities that can remain after a business owner’s death. By helping clients understand the responsibilities that will pass to their next of kin, advisers can support these clients in making fully informed decisions about adequately protecting their livelihood.

​12:40BankhallRegulatory Update
​13:00LunchExhibition and networking
​13:30 ​Standard Life

Delivering Advice Alpha With Inheritance Tax Planning Solutions

HMRC collected a record £5.1 billion from inheritance tax in the year which ended May 2017 and with £115 billion expected to transfer to the next generation by 2027, there has never been a better time to consider IHT planning strategies for your clients and their beneficiaries.

Standard Life will help you consider a range of IHT planning solutions that can mitigate IHT and can also be used to help develop and enhance professional connections.


Drawdown Advice Process: Delivering Your Clients’ Income Needs

With the increased demand for a flexible income, Prudential will look at the main regulatory and technical considerations for Income Drawdown.

In this session, we will consider drawdown not so much as a product but more an enabler for a client’s goals, irrespective of the source of the funds (be it DB or DC), and then consider how this income can be provided and in particular what may constitute an evidence based strategy for your clients retirement income needs.

​14:50BreakExhibition and networking
​15:00BankhallRegulatory Update
​15:40Close ​

Book your place

Make sure you don’t miss out. Click here to book your place at Round 2 of Bankhall’s Professional Development Days 2018, at a date and location that suits you, and earn up to 4.5 hours’ CPD.

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