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Meet the post RDR challenges head on.

As a business owner you will undoubtedly have been preparing for many months to operate in a post RDR era. There will be both challenges and opportunities ahead and to help you through this time of change you need an experienced Support Service provider in your corner. Bankhall is the largest supplier of support services to directly regulated financial advisers in the UK, with the strength and backing of the Sesame Bankhall Group, the largest distributor of financial services in the UK. We have been providing advisers with professional support services for 20 years, with flexible packages tailored to each customer’s needs.

Whether your firm provides services in investment and pensions, mortgages or protection and general insurance, you have the security of knowing that Bankhall has the experience and expertise to protect and enhance your business.

As the individual responsible for meeting regulatory requirements are you comfortable that you can demonstrate:

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 Latest Updates

The Chief Surveyor of Sesame Bankhall Valuation Services (SBVS) has said that it is becoming increasingly important for chartered surveyors to protect homebuyers and lenders against the mounting risk of a repeat housing market crash.

Eighty-six per cent of financial advisers are more confident of the prospects for their firm compared to a year ago and 71 per cent have a more optimistic outlook for the wider financial services industry, according to a poll conducted for Bankhall.