National Apprenticeship Week 2019

The week-long celebrations around the country will include open days, award ceremonies and employer networking events and aims to bring the apprenticeship community together in celebration of the positive impact apprenticeships are having on learners, employers and the economy.

Apprenticeships have evolved over the past few years to become more inclusive and more credible, dispelling the stigma of the past to provide exceptional training for individuals to become professionally qualified in their chosen field. National Apprenticeship Week not only highlights the opportunities available to individuals looking to undertake an apprenticeship, but also the benefits apprenticeships bring to employers across a variety of sectors.

Financial services apprenticeships are becoming more popular within the industry as businesses embrace the option of employing or upskilling a current employee through an apprenticeship program, giving them a full-time member of staff who is also working towards a professional qualification. Where financial services companies would usually recruit university graduates, more are now considering hiring or upskilling current staff members through apprenticeships too, giving a broader choice of candidate to boost the workforce and develop business longevity.

One such organisation who has embraced the idea of apprenticeships are Sesame Bankhall Group who recently partnered with financial services apprenticeship specialists Simply Academy to provide apprenticeship training and support for their existing members across the business groups. Following the launch of their new apprenticeship scheme, SBG looked to partner with a training provider who would be able to provide the specialist apprenticeship programmes needed to bolster their current staff development. With over 10 years knowledge and experience developing and delivering financial services training and apprenticeships, Simply Academy are able to provide the specific training and support required by SBG to evolve their existing members into industry qualified professionals.

For more information on financial services apprenticeships for your business, request your free employers guide for details.


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