Insights You Can Expect From Round 3 Of Bankhall’s Professional Development Days

With Round 3 of Bankhall’s Professional Development Days commencing on 5 September in Watford, take a look at the content of the day and be sure to book your place at a date and location that suits you.

Market Overview: Global Growth, The US And The Ravages Of Inflation

By BNY Mellon

Not surprisingly, the UK faces unique inflationary pressures following its decision to leave the EU and we have seen a significant depreciation in the value of sterling as a result. In the US however, continued growth is encouraging with markets buoyant on the transition from monetary to fiscal stimulus.

In their presentation, BNY Mellon will investigate the case for investors to consider inflation protection strategies for their portfolios to preserve the value of future cash flows. They will also examine the consequences of a global economy which is in a cyclical upswing with inflationary pressures building worldwide, and ask how the policies of President Trump might impact US businesses, the US economy and overall global markets.

Time For Change?

By Fidelity

Delivering income from traditional asset classes has been largely sufficient in the context of a low-rate, low-inflation world. But neither bond yields nor dividend yields are likely to experience the same increase as is predicted for inflation. The Bank of England appears reluctant to embark on an aggressive rate-rising policy, meaning returns from cash deposits may remain low.

Fidelity’s presentation will explore how investors can access alternative assets such as infrastructure funds and loans whilst maintaining daily liquidity. By understanding the different characteristics of such assets and how they correlate, Fidelity believe it possible to hold portfolios that deliver income even when the chips are down and inflation is up.      

Understanding The Role Of Traditional Assets In Delivering A Consistent Real Rate Of Return

By BMO Global

The risk of pound/cost ravaging to clients requiring an income, combined with low returns and the changing correlation of assets has led to a diverse range of investment strategies being used by investment advisers. There is an ongoing struggle to provide value and affordability in low-growth environments where returns of low single figures can make it difficult to justify AMCs and adviser charges even as low as 1-2% per annum.

BMO Global will look to explore the current investment options for the lower risk investor and demonstrate how traditional asset classes of Equity, Bonds and Cash can produce a strong return profile, with low levels of volatility, and importantly, cost effectively.

The Psychology Of Value And How To Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio

By Schroders

Value vs growth has been a long time battle with successful and indeed unsuccessful exponents of both. However with the already present uptick in inflation as key global economies increasingly follow a reflationary agenda, Schroders will examine the factors that have underpinned the long-term outperformance through history of Value as an investment style.

Importantly though, they will look at the distinct investor psychology that is required to exploit these successfully on an ongoing basis. Why then has Value has been overshadowed by Growth these past few years and are markets at an inflection point that could herald a new period of strong returns for Value?  Understanding these styles is important to every adviser. 

Defined Benefits Advice: Opportunities And Risk

By Scottish Widows

Failing companies, the current financial market conditions (especially gilt yields) and the size of transfer values currently being quoted has led to unprecedented demand from customers seeking advice on their Defined Benefit pensions. Regulatory and compliance concerns however have seen a polarisation within the advice industry with business stances ranging from advice focused solely in this area, to a complete refusal to deal with enquiries in-house. 

In this session, Scottish Widows will explore the changes to advice considerations in this complex area of pensions planning, the advisers’ approach to this business, and they will discuss the potential changes in approach from the FCA and the support available to you.

Whisking Up A Perfect Portfolio

By M&G

In the light of Pensions Freedoms, decumulation has become key to more clients than ever, with sustainable incomes being demanded for an increasingly long retirement.  Investment fashions as with all fashions change and M&G will look at what has worked for the last 10 years and ask, will it work for the next 10 years?

There has also been an increase in demand for absolute return funds and anything offering a degree of certainty/guarantee as clients and advisers look to offset the impact of increasing longevity. Is there an ideal decumulation rate? M&G will look to answer that vital question and where possible, show you how to achieve it.

Regulatory Update

By Bankhall

The Regulatory Update from Bankhall will be presented by one of our regulatory & compliance experts. This session will cover the key changes you will need to be aware of, as well as how you can implement these in your firm.

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