Testing Customer Outcomes

Embed commitment to good customer outcomes in your firm’s past, present and future

Your commitment customer outcomes isn’t just a regulatory requirement. With trust in financial services at an historic low, your ability to demonstrate your commitment to your customers could help set you apart from your competitors and attract more clients.

Bankhall Bespoke Solutions will work with you to test and demonstrate customer outcomes, equipping your firm with frameworks to help you minimise the impact of and rectify any negative results.​


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  • Get support in correction of historic sales
  • Ensure your current sales records are fit for purpose
  • Embed strategies to ensure you are set-up to deliver positive customer outcomes in the future
  • Demonstrate that your commitment to customer outcomes is at the heart of your firm’s culture


  • Past Business Reviews
  • Suitability Of Advice Checks
  • Quality Assurance Checks
  • Complaint Handling
  • Customer Care Calls

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