Becoming Directly Authorised - AR to DA

Becoming directly authorised

Supporting you every step of the way

Whether you’re looking to start your own firm, or you’re already an established business looking to take the next step, choosing a directly authorised business model can give you more autonomy and increase your earning potential.


Smoothing the transition to Directly Authorised

Experience & support

Our experienced team will aim to ensure you have the best chance of success, offering additional support services both during the authorisation process, and beyond, so you can enjoy freedom of choice over how your business is run in the future.

Helping you make the leap

Whatever your position, taking the decision to become directly authorised is a big step, but you don't have to do it on your own.

Business plans

To help to ensure the process is as smooth as possible Bankhall will support you every step of the way, discussing your business plans and providing advice on how best to deal with the FCA from the start, to date of authorisation.

Working with you to achieve direct authorisation

Initial application support

When you’re ready to begin your application, one of our experts will arrange a fact-finding phone call with you to gather all the relevant information and documentation. Once this has been compiled and you have confirmed you’re happy, we will work with you to upload your application to the FCA’s Connect system.

Ongoing application support

As your application progresses to the FCA’s case handling stage, your Bankhall contact will be copied-in on all email communications between yourself and the regulator, so that we can assist you in providing any additional information requested.

Getting your Firm DA ready

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