Business Excellence

Business success doesn’t happen by accident

Running a business isn’t easy. Very often you can find yourself too distracted by your day-job to give your firm the attention it needs to develop and grow.

That’s why Bankhall has collated a selection of Business Excellence services, giving you access to expertise in areas from strategic planning to proposition design to operational excellence, to help you maximise your firm’s potential.


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DISCUS is the place to discover, compare and discuss outsourced investment services - in particular those offered by Discretionary Investment Managers.

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Financial Life Planning

The Kinder Institute of Life Planning provides training and consultancy services to financial advisers worldwide, using the client-centered Life Planning methodology.

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Standards International

Available exclusively throughout 2017 for Bankhall clients, the WOWW! By Design Development Programme™ is an exciting new business transformation programme designed by Michelle Hoskin and the Standards International team.

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Strategic Coach

The Strategic Coach® Programme is designed exclusively for already successful, motivated entrepreneurs who want to keep growing.

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The Timebank

The Timebank has the experience and expertise to help advisers achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. 

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Business excellence

To find out more about our range of Business Excellence services available through Bankhall Business Bureau and how you could benefit, contact the Bankhall team on 0345 300 5326.

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These services are available through Bankhall Business Bureau because the providers offers information, guides and tools that you may find useful. As a Directly Authorised firm you need to determine the suitability of the services for your business. Please be aware that once you visit a provider’s website Bankhall has no influence or control over the content or security of the site.​