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Our FCA Application Guidance service steers you through the process of obtaining FCA Authorisation. We will provide you with a dedicated case handler who will assist with the completion of the relevant forms together with reviewing and challenging your business plans including financials. 

The team will discuss your business needs, advise on the permissions you require as well as considering if you have the relevant experience and qualification in order to undertake these activities. We will help you from the start of the process; assisting with any questions from FCA, through to your date of authorisation.

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  • Fully qualified case handlers
  • Ensure you obtain the correct permissions
  • Identify any potential issues or concerns with application prior to submission to FCA
  • Guidance every step of the way
  • Ongoing support with questions from regulator
  • Discuss your considerations regarding fees and charges associated to your advice process

Switching from a Network provider to being Directly Authorised was a very daunting task. However Bankhall took all the stress and work out of it. Having expert people in every area of the process helped massively and it seemed a breeze. I would certainly recommend Bankhall to anyone.

Leon Masterson, Masterman & Billingham financial Services Limited


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